Create communication journeys

Great ideas and stories will always move people. The number of new channels simply means that content has to be even more relevant and in the right context. We call it the creation of communication journeys. Sounds complicated? It’s as easy as reading a book to your kids at night.

Be disruptive

Standing out from the crowd is a key challenge in today’s communication. When creating an image we need to rethink common expectations. And dare to disrupt them – even in B2B communications.

Proud to be YOU

Making chemistry fashionable. BASF Colors & Effects supplies raw materials for cosmetics. To make these ingredients trendy, we started a new movement. By celebrating individual beauty and diversity.

Shine a light

While communication is getting more complex, creativity still needs that one simple idea that ties everything together. And has the power to convey a message to many people across many touchpoints.


Siemens Mobility is in the process of digital transformation. We created a claim that’s a hashtag that’s a claim. Highlighting Siemens long-standing expertise while recognizing the company as a forerunner in digitalization – the Engineers of Next.

Tell a great story

Telling great stories can make a message relevant in this overcrowded information landscape. Stimulating people’s imagination. And it adds the emotional value needed for a campaign to succeed over time.

Pantone® Color of The Year

Each December, Pantone announces its Color of the Year. We created a story around this that sends designers on a mission to realize their own color interpretations. Naturally using BASF Colors & Effects pigments.

Make every touchpoint count

How can a story be turned into a journey? People follow content that moves them. And wherever they go, they need to feel welcome. Each place has to be recognizable yet intriguing. Making every stop on the journey worthwhile.

Mobility Data Capture Unit

Building an audience for a techy product means every touchpoint has to perform. Setting the stage for cyber security on social media, offering tech talk in white papers and articles, leading to conversion on the microsite. Always with demand generation in mind.

How can you get your messages delivered?

Ready to create communication journeys