Make digital communication work

As digital communication gets faster and more diverse, the challenge is to make it work. Across various touchpoints and in an ever-changing landscape. This calls for less perfection and more speed; failing harder and learning even faster. And it marks the end of “us” and “them”. Because together with you, we’re working in a new way – agile and in a network of equals.

Always in beta

Agile means having a plan, but changing it whenever necessary. While working on a campaign, we constantly learn from our audience and closely evaluate our work. That’s what we call a smart campaign.


A digital product like Siemens Railigent needs digital communication. Flexible tools for creating assets and scheduling content allow for spontaneous posts and fast reactions to our audience.

Tie loose ends together

Steering a multi-channel campaign involves communicating with many different stakeholders. Firstly, it’s about close co-operation with our clients. But it’s much more than this: we aspire to co-create within a network of equals to make communication work.

Siemens Mobility

Social media campaigns for a company division require strong collaboration between the various players involved. Managing different touchpoints, many people with varied objectives, changing demands. One thing remains throughout: Our focus on the campaign’s success.

Enter the problem space

Understanding the client’s problem is our starting point. We never know in advance what the answer will be. Our solution may not always be the latest tool, but will always be the one that fits best.

BASF product finder

Looking to streamline navigation on the BASF resins and additives website, we ended up asking how users actually search for a product. Our evaluation revealed that a free text search is the one tool that meets all demands.

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